Good Morning

Happy Friday to all..

Most of the time I just go with the flow and I end up talking about random things on here lol. But today I will be talking about.. studies. I know I’ve previously spoke about me studying gardening, and yes it is free. I only started doing it because I never heard from NSFAS, but I received an email and text to say that my application was verified. For those who don’t know what NSFAS is, NSFAS is where students go to, to apply for financial assistance if their parents can’t afford to pay for their studies. I applied the end of November last year, guess there were a lot of applications. Now I need to actually send my application form in to College of Cape Town, I want to study beauty therapy, fingers crossed that I get to study.

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The 15th day of 2021

Good Morning everyone!

Can you believe it’s the 15th day of the new year already? Next thing you know it’s the end of January. How are you guys coping with this whole Corona Virus Pandemic? Honestly, I feel frustrated because it just threw everything into chaos.

Anyhow.. Are there any parents out there that are struggling to get their 7 year old to stay in their own bed at night? Sometimes I’m too tired to get up and put my son back into his own bed. There are times when he does sleep right through in his own bed, I need to get a night light for him, he says his afraid of the dark when he wakes up at nigh (he shares a room with my brother). By the way, it’s 4:49am haha, it’s too hot to go back to sleep, that and my toothache prevents me from going back to sleep. Unfortunately, the dentist my mom’s cousin works for only does emergencies right now, so I got to suffer a little longer haha.

I know my posts are short, but I know there are some of you that does not really like reading long blog posts, so I keep most of my posts short and sweet. That is all for now, maybe I’ll do some exercise while my son is still asleep lol.

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Happy Thursday

Good Morning everyone!

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything, I’ve just been busy with things. I’ll be posting a short story that I wrote, I love K-Pop so the short story is about a BTS member called Min Yoongi, everything I wrote are facts that I’ve researched. Hope you guys like it.

Confessions of a Korean Rapper

Min Yoongi was just another ordinary boy from Daegu who dreamt of making it in the music industry. He was born into a poor family, and because of that he had no choice but to find a job so he could sustain himself. Because he was poor, he desperately tried to sustain himself by selling his music, but since you get a lot of dishonest people out there,Yoongi got scammed whenever he tried to sell his music. He tried to make money by selling his music to people who were honest, but he would often get disappointed when people refused to buy his music. He was a good student back in school, but he would rather focus on his music than in class. He would spend his time writing lyrics on scraps of paper instead, as a means to pursue his dream of making music so he can share his music with the rest of the world.

Most of the time Yoongi would not have enough money to take a bus home, and buy something for him to eat, so he would often have to decide between the two. No one should have to choose between having something to eat and taking a bus home, it is no life for anyone. Living a poor life is one thing, but having your parents dislike your making music is another thing, all Yoongi wants is to make is dream come true and make money on top of it so he does not have to suffer anymore, but his parents got upset when they found out about his passion for music, and ended up throwing away his lyric sheets and forced him to focus on school.Yoongi was so passionate about his music that he left his family behind and took a huge gamble on his education, and then he took a step towards his dreams.

After leaving his family behind, he became really fascinated in basketball, and he found out he was actually really good at it, and he’s been playing ever since. But music was his number one passion, and so he continued producing music despite his parents disapproval. He eventually ended up with BigHit Entertainment, and he was part of BTS, with six other members. Yoongi was so happy that he was another step closer to having his dreams come true. So, while he was a trainee, he began working as a newspaper delivery boy, but one day he was involved in a hit-and-run while delivery newspaper, he ended up with an injured shoulder, but he was so afraid that if he told anyone he wouldn’t be a part of BTS anymore, and that would be the end of his career, so he decided to keep the little secret to himself, even though he had to endure all the pain by himself while he practised his dancing. Up to this day, he does not have full motion in his shoulder while he dances.

To think that he came from a poor family, his parents did not approve of his music career, he was involved in a hit-and-run which messed up his shoulder. But that is not all.. He was always self-conscious about the way he looked, he thought he was too large, so he started exercising so he could lose weight, not knowing that exercising would make his shoulder injury worse, and that is exactly what had happened, and in the end he had to stop exercising. As a result, he ended up developing mental issues, he developed severe depression and social phobia, which still affects him to this day. Being a K-Pop Idol is not as easy as it seems, the pressures of a celebrity would get to anyone, emotionally, physically and mentally, and it did not help Yoongi at all. But he eventually gets better as time goes by, but one never really gets over mental disorders, you only live with it. In the end, Min Yoongi becomes an exceptional rapper, songwriter and producer that his parents can be proud of.

Min Yoongi gets his Happily Ever After..

Creating memes

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year to all! My first blog post for 2021.

Just a quick post before I have to go again. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve started creating my own memes. Haven’t been creating any, or uploading YouTube videos since my son came home from his dad on Wednesday. Let me share the meme that I’ve created not too long ago.

This was seriously me lol. I was busy flat ironing my hair, and while I was busy doing that, I was drinking way too much water, and I just happened to be on the toilet pot when I heard everyone shouting Happy New Year lol.

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Hi everyone and Happy Monday!

So, like I’ve mentioned in the my previous post about starting a YouTube Channel. I just went straight into, and so far I’ve uploaded about 5 videos haha, I am not ready to show my face just yet, I am an introvert after all, so showing my face is not an option right now lol. And then I got thinking, since I love anime so much, why not start a YouTube Channel for my anime addiction if I can call it that haha, and guess what? I did it hehe. Not only that, but I also decided to create my own memes, and so far, it is going great.. Until I have writers block lol. But in all seriousness, I am doing it for me and me alone, I’m doing it for fun and not for popularity. Not sure if I’ve mentioned some of things before, if I have then I apologize. Will keep everyone posted on how things go. If you guys like, you can check out my channels. They are SimplyWeByNeera and Just_Another_Anime_Lover, my picture is of Levi Ackerman in Attack on Titan lol.

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All About YouTube

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well on this lovely Monday.

For some reason I feel really positive, so positive that I started uploading videos on YouTube haha. But the reason why I started with YouTube, is not because of the likes, or how many subscribers I have, I am doing it for me and only me, also because it is fun and I enjoy it so much. Even though I only started uploading yesterday, I feel really positive. I do however like to help those who are genuine with me, by helping to advertise their little businesses and so much more. I love writing and posting things on Instagram and Facebook, and on here of course haha. I know my blog posts are short, but rather short than not at all right? I can do all of these things because my son his with his dad, so I have free time for myself, well kind of.. I still have to broaden my knowledge, that and I also still need to exercise. I am glad to say that I am seeing little changes in my body, it might be a slow process but I am willing to stick it out until I am satisfied with my results. I normally give up after a week or two of exercise, but there are YouTubers that upload videos of their exercises, so I just follow them and to my surprise I have not given up yet. YouTubers like Emi Wong, Masumi Channel, and Muscle Watching. Their videos are so fun to watch, I suggest subscribing to their channels if you want fun, effective exercises. Their is a problem with the Wi-Fi so I can’t do my exercises yet, let’s see later if YouTube will work.

That is all for now..

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Good Evening everyone!

In my previous blog post I’ve mentioned that I am busy with gardening course.. for some reason I can’t find it, so now I am doing a Diploma in Physical Fitness, seeing that I started working out, and what a surprise.. I have not given up yet, which is a good thing because I really want to become fit and healthy. It wont’ be easy but I have to try. I must say, the course is really interesting, I’m glad I’ve decided to do it. Why not give it a try? It is free after all.

How about you? Are you working out and trying to get fit? Let me know in the comments section. 🙂

Until Next Time!

Muneera 🙂

Learning new things

Evening everyone!

Hope you are all doing well this evening.

Have you ever heard of Alison? It is a website where you can learn for free, so I’ve decided to start. There ae a variety of subjects that you can study from, and I decided to choose a Diploma in Garden Design and Maintenance, since one of my hobbies is gardening. I’ve only just started so I will see how things go, and maybe I can become an expert gardener one day haha.

You guys can check it out, even if it is just to learn new skills and not to find a job.. I love learning new things, so this is just a way for me to learn. Who knows, one might just land a job after learning. Just go to and there you’ll find various topics to study from.

Other websites you can check out is,, and

The above websites offer free courses, so it won’t hurt to check it out.

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